Introducing the Shayla Copas Collection with Chelsea House

Guest post written by Shayla Copas

It sounds a bit cliche, but this collection with Chelsea House really is a dream come true. During the process, I strove for the dreamy part to be apparent in the designs too. I wanted a touch of whimsy throughout the collection, and I hope all the bee accents really evoke that feeling. This might be surprising, but I love insects and reptiles so it felt totally natural for me to incorporate bees in the collection. 

I am also always a fan of using bold colors in my designs and this collection was no different. From the large pieces of furniture down to the smallest of accessories, everything is available in a wide array of vibrant color options with neutrals woven throughout. I gave special attention to the accent finishes as well and used satin gold and acrylic to complement the bold colors.     

Flutter Side Table in Alexandrite

I know I can’t pick favorites, but this acrylic box table is high on the list. The design is bold and is a perfect accent piece for any room. I love that it’s interesting without requiring extra accessories. The classic base in gold elevates the table while the bees still give it that touch of sophisticated whimsy. This table can definitely hold its own in any space.


April Honeycomb Lamp in White

Staying with the bee theme but in a more subdued manner, the April Honeycomb Lamp is one of my absolute FAVS. The texture created with this monochromatic design keeps the lamp interesting yet versatile. It’s perfect for a dining room buffet. I carried the honeycomb pattern throughout with the gold accented finial. 

Bee Kind Ginger Jar in Blue

I was very drawn to jars when designing this collection. There are so many - all in different shapes, sizes, and colors. This bee jar is the most petite of them all at only 7 inches tall, but the jar’s small size is what makes it so cute! It’s really the perfect amount of color for any space, and the metallic satin bee is that final detail that really makes this piece a statement even with its small size.