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Designing a Healthy Space for Rest, Relaxation, and Self-Nurturing

Guest post written by Martha ChannerHave you ever yearned for a room dedicated to self-care; an oasis of quiet and peaceful calm that you can retreat to when life becomes too complicated or stressful? What would it take to create a room of one’s own? Well, a room of course, or simply a dedicated space in your home or office that remains unsullied by mundane things. This means an area that is completely off limits to others unless they are invited to partake; an uncluttered environment that lets one breathe and think; and a quiet space that allows for meditation, deep stretching of the mind and body, and a blissful removal from daily affairs. Even if this is only a corner of your office, here are some thoughts on rest, relaxation, and important self-nurturing. MAKE THE WORLD GO AWAYWe live in a world full of noise: leaf blowers, car alarms, loud music, and trash trucks. Even an hour of comparative silence will feel like a full night’s sleep. White noise is often the great silencer, espe…

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